New Photos Added…

What should have been done a couple of months ago has finally been done, I added some new photos. So what’s new? Nothing much. Just waiting on my dA camera bag to arrive later in the week. Can’t wait to have an easier way to grab my camera and tripod for quick shooting when I’m out. It dawned on me that I have never been to Delaware Park my whole life, so when I get my bag, I’m gonna hit up the place and see if I can grab some nice photos. On another note, I recently have been contacted about the use of one of my photos on a website, I’ll just say I had no problem with that. If you want to see the site, here’s the link, Nothing can put a smile on your face more than seeing your work being used and appreciated like that for the first time. Thank you for that opportunity. Well, I don’t have much else to say except stay tuned for further updates… And there will be an update. :)

Happy Birthday to Me!

Well, at least in less than two hours it will be my birthday. Finally turning 30 which I am not excited about. Where’s Tinkerbell to guide me to Nevereverland when I need her? On the bright side of things, I finally upgraded from Windows Vista and now have 7 on here. I figured it was time to upgrade since Windows 8 will be out soon and after playing with the release version, I’m gonna have a hard time adjusting to the changes. So at least now I can get used to some of the menus and taskbar and I like some of the features on 7, especially the Virtual PC. I can finally install and use my scanner software again.

On another note I also got a tube for my bicycle again so that means I can do some riding and take more photos again. And I have already actually. I went Downtown as usual and enjoyed the scenery. Though the difference this time is I went as dusk so I’d be there when it got dark. Luckily I found a good reference about taking photos at night before going so I finally have decent night shots. I’ll be uploading them on here soon, gotta do the usual cropping and tone adjusting before I feel they’re ready to be posted. I think I got some pretty cool shots you’ll enjoy. Hmm, I guess that’s all I got to say for this post. Catch ya’s on the flip side!


Goodyear Tire and Aero Rim (WIP)

For about a year now I have been sitting on a used NASCAR Goodyear tire and Aero rim that I bought for the purpose of making it into a 3d model. Since I can’t afford a 3d scanner, I pulled out my measuring tape and got to work. I’ve used bits and pieces of the specs to make low poly wheels for games, but now I’m trying to go all out and model it just as it looks. I got the model pretty much finished I think, the majority of the UV Mapping is also done though I have some tweaking to do after applying the Turbosmooth multiplier. Continue reading

Nothing New In a While

Yeah, I’m aware there’s been nothing new in a while, kinda happens when you’re broke as hell and have a flat tire you can’t even afford to replace… A bicycle tire at that. I have been taking photos, but really, nothing has been too great or worthwhile posting here. I’m still learning though but the lack of some good lens kills me. The one I have now is alright, but I need a 300mm lens so I can get the distant shots I’ve been craving for. I’m in a good spot in the city to take some great photos, I’ve just been limited by what I do have. On the plus side though, I am a man of many talents including graphic design. I have been working on a NASCAR spec Aero brand rim actually measured from one I bought about a year ago off ebay. So accuracy is not so much of a problem, figuring out poly loops however gives me a headache. But I do have a good portion textured, no mats yet though. And I still have to make a tire texture. I’ve made one in the past so that shouldn’t be a problem to adapt it. I do have to debate on how far I want to take the detail though. I can get every little thing modeled or use normal maps to try and compensate and keep the poly count lower. I’m all about detail so it’s rough when I’m looking at a model already over 100k and I need 3 more of them in a single scene. Overkill? Perhaps. But every tire-rim model I’ve seen on every pay site had so many flaws (no to insult the folks that modeled them), but a little more research into what you’re making goes a long way. There are tons of high resolution photos on Google, Flickr, and many other photo sharing sites. Hell, it wouldn’t even hurt emailing Aero rims and asking for specs of their 59 series. And I know Goodyear media site has plenty of great photos as well. And if you want to leave no room for error, ebay a used one, they’re usually less than $75 and I’ve seen them as low as $50. I got mine for around $85 which included a mounted tire. When I’m done, there will be no doubt it will be the most accurate available to the public. It’s already showing and I’m not even done with it. It takes money to make money. And if you want to provide the best products, you will have to spend some cash on research items and sometimes the product itself.

RCC Design…

Well I’m sitting here with my browser and Photoshop open trying to do something I’m not so good at… Being creative. I have another website, Race Car Central, that could use a make over. I know I don’t really use it for much but I’m expecting that to change soon and to accommodate that, I’d like to change from SMF over to Joomla! because of the advanced features, a magnitude of add-ons, and because I’m quite familiar with it actually. I’m a broke man right now and can’t afford to be paying for a new template to use on there so I need to either find some free ones or as I’m trying to do now, make my own. Now I’m no web programmer for sure, but I can understand much of the basics and what it takes to design and create a template. The real challenge for me is to find or develop all the extras I want as well. In the past I have bought a few components that I’ll be able to use, but I need to learn how to get down and dirty and make some major changes to the design of them for them to work right. I’ve seen people online just coming into the game and saying they’re going to do this or that then hit that brick wall that reads, “It’s not that simple.”. I’m not one of those types, I am able to work my way around things and learn what I need, one of my talents. :) My problem is I have a hard time finishing what I start. I have a hell of a hard time keeping focused. But we’ll see with this one. If/when I start getting a design together, you can be sure I’ll be blogging about it on here. Till then, catch ya on the flip side.

Douchebag Parking Job

I Hate People Like This

So on March 16, I went for a bike ride since it was a beautiful day. Of course I had my camera, and instead of going to the marina as I typically do, I wanted to see what else I could find that may be interesting. So as soon as I make my first turn, BLAM! Some jackass is parked halfway on the sidewalk and halfway in the bike bath. I see photos of bad parking on the internet all the time and get a good laugh out of it and here it is, I stray from the norm and get my chance to add to that collection. I’m not even going to edit the photo in hopes that maybe the douche will get a ticket for illegal parking. So without further ado, the photo.

Douchebag Parking Job

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